Environmental Peace

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Professor Biswajit (Bob) Ganguly and Professor Roger Hansell

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Environmental Peace.


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Environmental Peace is the condition of relaxation of the tensions of human behavior with ourselves and the Social, Economic, Biological and Physical Environments. This course deals with creative solutions to these tensions including Environmental Engineering Problems and Solutions: Control of Problems related to Air, Water, Energy and waste management. Conventional and non-conventional solution and preservation. Introduction of innovative technologies, application of daily livelihood , various projects related to applied green technology for control of global warming.

In the problem of sustainable development we consider the problems of bringing the Ecosystem into the Market and making the Market compatible with the world ecosystem.  We examine the principle of economic development matching the capacity of the environment to repair itself in order to maintain the fundamental ecosystem services critical for human and economic life.


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Upcoming book Environmental Peace by B. Ganguly and R. Hansell


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