Hotel Management Training in Canadian Environment

Faculty Member’s Name:

Ms. Rajlakshmi Ghosh

Faculty Member’s Profile:

Masters in Business, International Travel and Tourism Management, University of Queensland, Australia.

A concert pianist by hobby, Ms. Rajlakshmi has performed in various musical concerts and prestigious venues across the globe. Presently, she is  creating “Fusion” melodies with the blend of Eastern and Western tunes,  tunes  with an eclectic mélange of Semi Classical Indian ragas, pure Indian Ragas, global Folk Tunes, and others from India and abroad.


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Hotel Management Training in Canadian Environment


Lectures, workshops




The focus of this course is to provide practical training in reputed organizations and hotels in Canada, to those students who have completed their Hotel Management Training programs in India, and are ready for a global Job experience in the various field of Hospitality Industry.

*Short Structural Outline:

Special attention will be given to:

Working with the general public

Training staff members

Hiring and recruiting

Following company protocols and procedures

Having strong problem-solving skills

Marketing and sales

High levels of customer interaction

Accommodating guests

Understanding basic accounting

Coordinating budgets and meeting revenue goals

Understanding company objectives


By already that pursuing hotel management programs in colleges / institutions the requisite theoretical knowledge has been developed. Now, putting it into practice in the real industry is what we have planned for the students.

Now we designed a few months’ vocational training programs along with some lectures /workshops/ assignments in the allied issues, which will give our students an experience to start with, and exposure in the industry.

At the end of our training, we will issue the certificate, so that our students can obtain a rewarding position in the hospitality field. The trainings are provided to develop the professional skills and work capacity needed for the job profile and general administrative functions in operations.


*Textbooks and Reading List:

Will be recommended from our library collections and reference works and study materials will be provided along with a course.


Students are required to write assignments on various topics in the relevant field of study, and even prepare presentations.  These will be evaluated by experienced faculty members, and on basis of performance.

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