Total Quality Management (TQM)

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Mr. Debkumar Banerjee MEng, MBA(MM), MIE(I), M.I IMM, M.IRC.

Faculty Member’s Profile:

Mr. Debkumar Banerjee is a Chartered Engineer in India with vast experience in Material Management, Value Engineering, Maintenance of Plant, Automobile & Road Making Machineries etc.

He has also teaching experience in the area of Engineering and Management and he is currently engaged as a Maintenance Engineer in Calcutta Municipal Corporation in India.

His research papers are having for subjects the following:

1) Treatability Study on Automobile Service Station waste water.

2) Efficient Solid Waste Handling in Calcutta Municipal Corporation.

3) Management of Input Items of CMC to be cost effective as well as better service to tax payers.

4) Streamlining of CMC Store Function with Supplement Emphasis on Spare parts management.

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Total Quality Management (TQM)


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*Short Structural Outline:

Introduction to TQM , Concept of TQM, The Quality Gurus, The Baldrige  Award,
Leadership for TQM – Attitude & Involvement of  Top Management Communication, Work Culture, Managerial Systems.

Strategic Quality Planning: strategy & the strategic planning process, strategic information systems.
Definition of Quality Control, Service quality.

Customer Focus & Satisfaction: Process vs. Customer, Internal customer conflict, A Quality Focus, The Driver of customer satisfaction, Measurement of customer satisfaction, Role of marketing & sales, Service quality & customer retention, Customer retention & profitability , Buyer – Supplier Relationships.
Human Resource Development & Management: Training & Development, Selection, Performance Appraisal, Compensation systems.

TQM oriented Human Resource Management.
Management of Process Quality: product inspection vs. process control, SQC , Tools for statistical quality control, Problem analysis, Pareto analysis
Organizing for TQM : Structure & Teams
Organizing for TQM : The system approach, Organizing for quality implementation
Role of Organizational transition to TQM ,   Small Group & Employee Involvement
Teams for TQM     Productivity , Quality  &  Re-engineering, Cost of Quality, ISO  9000 and series, Benefits of certification , Documentation, Post-certification , Cost of certification ,  ISO 9000 vs. Baldrige Award .
*Textbooks and Reading List:


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