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Faculty Members


Dr.Biswajit (Bob) Ganguly, Canada, Environmental Peace, Environmental Engineering, Chancellor
Dr.Roger I C. Hansell, Canada, Environmental Peace, Ecology, President
Dr.Marijo Readey, USA, Biology, Invertebrate Zoology, Dean of Studies
Dr.Peter Jacques, USA, Environmental Economics, Hon. Director of Social Studies
Dr.Stephen Armstrong, Canada, Mechanical Engineering   and Innovation Studies, Dean of Engineering
Dr.Dan Smoke Haudenosaunee, Canada, Broadcast Communication, Dean of Indigenous Studies
Dr. Fred  Shuler, Canada, Ecology and Vertebrate Biology
Dr.Isaac Day Anishnabe, Canada, Traditional Healing, Indigenous Studies, Principal of Thunder Mountain School


Editorial Board and Corresponding Editors of our International Scholarly ‘Journal of Environmental Peace’ (JEP) published from the library of University of Toronto, Canada, Noble International University, USA and Central University of Florida, USA.


Editorial Board Members of Journal of Environmental Peace:

Dr. Barry Adams, Civil Engineering
*Dr.Donald A.Chant, Biology
Dr. Ronald Deibert, Sociology
Dr. Thomas Homer Dixon, Political Science
Dr. Jerome Friedman, Physics.  Nobel Laureate
*Dr. Jerome Karle, Chemistry.  Nobel Laureate
Dr. Yosio Masui, Developmental Biology
*Dr. Wangari Mathai, Environmental Science.  Nobel Laureate
*Dr. Ted Munn, Environmental Science
*Dr. Martin Perl, Physics. Nobel laureate
*Dr. Anatol Rapoport, Game Theory, Peace Studies
*Dr. Joseph Rotblat, Physics.  Nobel Laureate
Dr. I.B. Turksen, Industrial Engineering

* Deceased


Corresponding Editors of Journal of Environmental Peace:

Dr. Adil Akhmetor, Kazakhstan, Sociology
Dr. Alia Alhan, USA, Music
Dr. Eugenio Andrade, Colombia, Cell Biology
Dr. Frank Bierman, Netherlands, Environmental Studies
Dr. Freddy Carreno, Venezuala, Literature
Dr. Suranjan Das, India, History and Social Science
Dr. Amitava Gangopadhyay, India, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Michael Harrison, USA, Music
Dr. Hans Heinrich, Germany, Physics and Engineering
Dr. B.B. Jana, India, Ecological Engineering
Dr. Andonaq Londo Lamani, Albania, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Jorge Augusto da Silva Lopes, Brazil, English Literature and Language
Dr. Dilip Khan, India, Botany
Dr. Eva Kras, Mexico, Sociology.
Dr. Boris Kulachkin, Russia, Physics.
Dr. Esther Myriam Rojas Osorio, Brazil, Linguistics
Dr. Vera C. Silva, Brazil, Biology
Dr. Walter Sthumer, Germany, Analytical and Theoretical Science
Dr. Antonio Folquito Verona, Brazil, Social Studies
Dr. Elisabeth Criscuolo Urbinati, Brazil, Biology, Physiology
Dr. Zhenghi Wu, China, Medicine


Professors Associated with our Legally Collaborating Universities and other Educational Institutions:

Dr.Rev.Fr.K.S.Casimir, S.J, India, Social Sciences, Theology
Dr.Mamata Desai, India, Geography and Environmental Studies
Dr.Abubaker Mustafa Mohammed Khair, Sudan, Electronics Engineering
Dr.Abdalla Mergheni Mohamed, Sudan, Computing and Physics
Lic. Nester Leao Contreras Pina, Mexico, Electrical Engineering
Dr.Augusto Ronchi Junior, Brazil, Mechanical Engineering
Ing. Lilian Valles Martinez, Mexico, Electrical Engineering
Dr. Rev. Fr. A. Francis Xavier, S.J, India, Social Sciences, Literature


Adjunct & Affiliate Professors :

Leonid Alekseychuk, Canada, Film Direction
Rathindra Mohan Bandyopadhyay, India, Journalism
Dr. Brigitte Dumortier, France, Geography and Environmental Studies
Dr. Amitava Gangopadhyay, India, Civil and Environmental Engineering (Hon. Director, Env.Engg)
Dr. B.B. Jana, India, Ecological Engineering (Hon.Director, Eco-Engg.)
Dr. Benoit Ngom, Senegal, Laws and Political Science (Affiliate Professor)
Dr. Debbie Papadakis, Canada, Psychology, Complimentary Medicine (Director of Holistic Medicine)
Noel Wright, Canada, Medical Science


Associate Professors:

Dr. Zoheir Abdelmagid, Canada, Parasitology, Molecular Biology, Journalism (Director, African Projects Development)
Dr. Efrem Alemayehu, Canada, Medicine
Dr. Howard Crosner, Canada, Law (Hon. Director, Legal Affairs)
Dr. Abas Diba, Canada, Biochemistry (Director, Biochemistry Programs)
Dr.Philip Eng, Canada, Business Administration (Dean of Business Management)
Dr. Nataliya Goryacha, Canada, French Literature (Student Advisor)
Dr. Alexandra Grigorieva, Canada, Anthropology (Principal of Yurta Mira)
Dr.Michael Harrison, USA, Musical Composition (Dean of Music)
Peter Isaac, Kahnien Kahake, Canada, Traditional Indigenous Studies (Principal of Traditional Studies)
Dr. Erika Kustra, Canada, Psychology (Director of Educational Development)
Dr. Abdalla Mergheni Mohammad, Canada, (Director of Food Technology and Health Research)
Angelique Mango, USA, Fashion Design
Dr. Ismail Rustom, Canada, Chemical Engineering, Food Technology
Heather Stevens, Canada, Marketing
Dr. ATM Aman Ullah, Canada, Urology (Director of Medical Development)


Assistant Professors:

Srinivas Akkapeddi, India, Law (Coordinator, International Legal Affairs)
Lada Alekseychuk, Canada, Fine arts and Fashion Design (Coordinator of Creative Struct. Transformation)
Dr. Alia Alhan, USA, Music
Dr. Christina Armani, Canada, Medical Dentistry
Anindya Banerji, India, IT (Director of IT)
Debkumar Banerjee, India, Engineering and Management
Shamim Ara Begum, Canada, International Education (Coordinator, Academic Program)
Dr. Vladimir Bondarenko, Canada, Physics, Fine Arts (Principal of Neo-Post Renaissance School of Art)
Dr. Satyan Chintawar, Belgium, Medical Science
Dr. Shahnaz Chowdhury, Canada, Western Medicine
Dr. Ian Craine, Canada, Zoology, Ecological Modeling
Dr. Abbas Diba, Canada, Molecular Biology, Physiology (Director, Biochemistry Programs)
Dr. Amin Elamin, Canada, Accounts and Business
Dr. Arezoo Eshraghi, Canada, Medical Engineering (Director, Medical Engineering)
Dr. Natalia Filatova, USA, Medicine
Sujata Ganguly, Canada, Social and Political Science (Director of Administration)
Dr. Sudeb Ghosh, Canada, Zoology, Ecology
Timothy Hansell, Nicaragua, Traditional medicine, Sociology
Elena Ivanova, USA, Fine Arts
Ahmad Javaherian, Canada, Film Direction
Dr. Richard Jose, Canada, Architecture
James Kushny, Canada, Zoology, Ecology
Dr. Swapan Mondal, India, Agriculture
Jim Pellegrini, Canada, Education, English, Business, Music (Coordinator, International Language Teaching)
Dr. Angela Radu, Canada, Medical Science
Raoul Rohas, Canada, Environment and Sociological Studies (Director, Research Grant Projects)
Neil V. Sinclair, Canada, Law
Carol Slater, Canada, Education Consultant
Dr. Zhenghi Wu, China, Medical Dentistry
Dr. Tony Yang, Canada, Pharmacology, Environmental Policy



Dawn Aarons, Canada, Chinese Medicine
Meleka Akhter, Canada, Zoology, Business Administration
Sahand Amirikhaledi, Canada, Film Making and Editing
Edith Loyola Andrade, Chili, ESL
Konstantin Baklan, Canada, Mathematics, Computer Technologies
Alice de Boer, Canada, English, Education
Herbert Boland, Canada, Accounting
Natasha Britto, Canada, Business Management
Josie Catalano Macpherson, Science Education, Language Training
Raman Dhillon, Canada, Administration, Film Making
Holly Franklin, Canada, Holistic Medicine
Lic. Edith Leal Garza, USA and Mexico, Management (Manager of Educational Projects, Mexico)
Rajlaxmi Ghosh, India, Travel and Tourism Management, Music
Shirley Gillett, Social Science
Irene Gomes, Spain, Psychology
Yungton (Angelo) Guo, Canada, Geology
Rita Haddad, Canada, Business Administration
Tanja Hayne, Film Editing
Bernarda Hernandez, Nicaragua, Public Health Administration
Annie Hodgins, Canada, Biology
Anand Ingle, Canada, Environmental Science
Archana Jaiswal, Canada, Public Administration
Lic. Emma Lorena Gonzalez Jimenez, Mexico, Fashion Design(Coordinator of Educational Projects, Mexico)
Olya Kouptsova, Canada, Environmental Studies
Elena Kushny, Canada, Distance Education
Christine Lavoie, Canada, Legal Administration, Fashion Design
Nur Alam Majumder, Bangladesh, Civil Engineering (Coordinator of Projects, Bangladesh)
Monika Marcekova, Medical Technology
Ezio Marchi, Argentina, Mathematics
Andriy Nedilskyy, Canada, Cultural Studies, Journalism, Translation
Rekha Patel, Canada, Human Resources Development
Mike Schram, Canada, Photography
Dr. Mary Lou Smoke, Anishnabe, Canada, Broadcast Communication and Indigenous Studies
Seema Sondhi, Canada, Dance
Dr. Franka Vresk, Canada, Medical Science
Dr. Paulette Zonneveld, Canada, Music (Coordinator, Classical Music)


Guest Lecturers:

Katharina Hertz, Canada, Finances, Investment
Hildeguard Gmeiner, Canada, Innovative program of Holistic Thought
Victor Yap, Canada, Finances, Sales and Marketing


Please note: Many other international experts and graduate students in different fields are involved with us as guest Professors and Special Lecturers.

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