Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees


Noble International University tuition varies by type of degree program. To learn more about tuition in specific degree program, online or at a campus, please ask our Student Advisor.


Courses Fees are calculated by combining the tuition fees, learning resources fee, and administration (registration or audit) fee. Fees are listed and payable in American Dollars.


Starting September 2012 Noble International University policy requires all applicants before engage into their regular program to, first, register with NIU (application fee is 150 CAD) and, second, take one compulsory course of Environmental Peace. The course encompasses 14 units, mid-term and final exam along with some paper work. It will involve extensive reading, one-time weekly meetings with an instructor and e-mail based communication. The cost of the course is 1000 CAD. While a new student is attending this course we usually are able to work out the whole educational plan for him/her (if needed) and arrange for the next courses that our students apparently will be able to take online starting Winter 2015.
General outline:

  Undergraduate Degrees Graduate Degrees
Tuition Associate Bachelor Master Doctoral
Tuition per course 250 500 700 800
Course Materials Fees 100 120 150 200
Administration Fees 150 150 150 150


For those in financial need, our Advisors are ready to discuss possible financing options, including bursaries, scholarships, loans, and tuition reimbursement for those who qualify.

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