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Administration & Advisory Board

Dr. Biswajit (Bob) Ganguly
Chancellor  &  Director General/CEO
Editor of the Journal of Environmental Peace

Dr. Roger I.C. Hansell
Editor of the Journal of Environmental Peace


Hon. Editors of the Journal of Environmental Peace:

Dr. Barry Adams
Dr.Ronald Deibert
Dr.Jerome FriedmanNobel Laureate
Dr.Thomas Homer-Dixon
Dr.Yoshio Masui
Dr.I.B. Turksen


Our gratitude to the deceased Editorial Board Members who have contributed in the past (Hon. Editors of the Journal of Environmental Peace):

Dr.Donald A.Chant
Dr.Jerome Karle, Nobel Laureate
Dr.Wangari Maathai, Nobel Laureate
Dr.Ted Munn
Dr.Martin Perl, Nobel Laureate
Dr.Anatol Rapoport
Dr.Joseph Rotblat, Nobel Laureate


Dr. Nataliya Goryacha
Student Advisor, Assistant to Chancellor and President

Sujata Ganguly
Director of Administration

Dr. Marijo Readey
Dean of Studies

Howard Crosner
Hon. Director, Legal Affairs

Peter Justin
Hon. Provost

Dr. Benoit Ngom
Affiliate Professor of Laws and Political Sciences

Shamim Ara Begum
Coordinator, Academic Program

Dr. Louise Blazik
Coordinator, Training and Development Programs

Dr. Sudeb Ghosh
Director, Student Relations

Dr. Erika Kustra
Member of Advisory Board, Educational Development

Anindya Banerji
Director of IT

Theo Demkiw
Director of Communications & Assistant Editor of the Journal of Environmental Peace

Dr. Philip Eng
Dean of Business Management

Dr. Leo Luk
Director, University Development

Dr. Zoheir Mohamed Ali Abdelmagid
Director, African Projects Development

Raoul Rohas
Director, Research Grant Projects

Dr. Shibani Chowdhury
Hon. Director of Environmental Projects

Dr.Mamata Desai
Hon. Director of Environmental Projects

Dr. Stephen Armstrong
Dean of Engineering

Dr. Arezoo Eshraghi
Director, Medical Engineering

Dr. Amitava Gangopadhyay
Hon. Director, Environmental Engineering

Dr. B.B. Jana
Hon. Director, Ecological Engineering

Dr.Reza Rahbari
Director of Medical Physics

Dr. Andonaq Londo Lamani
Hon. Director of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Andrew Bains
Hon. Dean, Western Medicines

Dr. S. A. R. Chowdhury
Hon. Dean, Western Medicine

Dr. Shanaz Chowdhury
Hon. Director of Medical Research

Dr. Julian Gojer
Director of School of Psychology-Psychiatry

Dr. Abdalla Mergheni Mohammad
Director, Food Technology and Health Research

Dr. Irwin Asbel
Director, Family Medicines

Dr. ATM Aman Ullah
Director of Medical Development

Dr. Abas Diba
Director, Biochemistry Programs

Morley Chertkoff
Director, International Program

Anila Kaveri
Coordinator, ESL Programs

Dr. Jim Pellegrini
Coordinator, International Language Teaching

Md. Ziaur Rahman
Director, English Program

Dr. Ali Shaker
Coordinator, ESL Programs

Dr. Alexandra Grigorieva
Hon. Director, Cultural Anthropology

Dr.Peter Jacques
Hon. Director of Social Studies & Associate Editor of the Journal of Environmental Peace

Dr. Kazi Rauf
Director, Sociology Programs

Ervin Musta
Director, Foreign Affairs

Dr. Issac Day
Director, Indigenous Medicine

Dr. Debbie Pappadakis
Director of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Dan Smoke
Dean of Indigenous Studies

Lada Alekseychuk
Coordinator of Creative Structural Transformation

Dr. Vladimir Bondarenko
Director, Art Innovation

Angelique Mango
Dean of Fashion Design

Richard Joos
Director, Environmental Architecture

Dr. Michael Harrison
Dean of Music

Dr. Istvan Penzes
Director, Classical Music

Dr. Polette Zonneveld
Coordinator, Classical Music

Srinivas Akkapeddi
Coordinator, International Legal Affairs

Margaret CID
Coordinator, Travel and Tourism

Subhajit Ganguly
Director of International Business

Janet Thompson
Coordinator, Real-estate Project


Student and Volunteer Project Coordinators:

Gala Arenshtam
Gloria Loyola Andrade
Natasha Britto
Megan Brown
Raman Dhillon
Irene Gomes
Yungton (Angela) Guo
Frances Krinis
Mursalin Binte Monnaf
Linda Reynen
Edith Valenzuela
Vera (Karina) Vargas
Kayra Williams

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