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The History of Social Reform Movements in Britain

Faculty Member’s Name: Shirley Gillett Faculty Member’s Profile: Ms. Gillett has studied history and sociology at the University of Toronto.  She has taught Victorian British History under Professor Franca Iacovetta at the University of Toronto at Scarborough, and The History of Espionage under Professor Arne Kislenko at Ryerson University. Course Code: *Title: The History of Social Reform Movements in Britain ... Read More »

Alternative actions for social change

Faculty Member’s Name: Raoul Rojas Faculty Member’s Profile: Post Graduate Diploma in Bacteriology (University of Toronto). Master in Environmental Studies (courses) York University). Worked as a Regional Program Coordinator for Government of Canada delivering social and cultural development programs. Course Code: *Title: Alternative actions for social change. *Format:   *Hours:   *Objectives: This course will examine alternative actions for social ... Read More »

Foundations of Management – A North American International Perspective

Faculty Member’s Name: Professor Philip Eng, MBA Professor Heather Stevens, MSc   Faculty Member’s Profile:   Course Code: *Title: Foundations of Management – A North American International Perspective. *Format: This online course will utilize both synchronous and asynchronous delivery platforms. Learning will include a combination of online lectures, discussions, individual and group case studies as well as a major team ... Read More »

Biomedical Sciences & Environment

Faculty Member’s Name:   Dr. Abbas Nurrollahi Diba Faculty Member’s Profile: Name: Abbas Family Name: Nurrollahi Diba Born: in Tehran, Iran Date: 30 December 1957 M.S: 1993 (University of Johannes Gutenberg, Mainz, Germany) PhD: 1994 (University of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Frankfurt, Germany) Languages: German, Farsi, English and Turkish, Russian, French, Italian Research Interests: *Stem cells & HUVECs and biomedical projects ... Read More »

Design International

Faculty Member’s Name: Angelique Mango Faculty Member’s Profile: BFA, MFA International designer Course Code: *Title:   Design International. *Format: *Hours: A full year course with a semester abroad/ based on a tri semester *Objectives: The overall goal of this course is to provide students with professional experience in the real-time, real-world art and business of fashion design in the United States ... Read More »


Faculty Member’s Name Professor Marijo Readey Faculty Member’s Profile: Professor Marijo Readey obtained her PhD at the University of Toronto in the Department of Zoology. Her doctoral research involved an analysis of the Cell cycle in the Protozoon Tetrahymena. She studied both ultradian and infradian cycles (deviations from the 24 hour cycle structure}. She subsequently worked with Dr Kubitcseck at ... Read More »

Natural Capital: Valuing Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Faculty Member’s Name Professor Roger Hansell Faculty Member’s Profile: Roger I. C. Hansell has been involved in environmental projects since the 1950s. He was jointly a professor in the Institute for Environmental Studies and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto, Canada. He has been a visiting Professor at Universite Libre, Brussels, University of Sussex, ... Read More »

Environmental Studies and Engineering

Faculty Member’s Name Professor Biswajit (Bob) Ganguly Faculty Member’s Profile: Professor Biswajit (“Bob”) Ganguly is a great thinker, philosopher and a humanitarian who has created the concept of “Environmental Peace” with his colleague, Professor Roger Hansell. Professor Ganguly has Doctoral and Postdoctoral degrees in Applied Science and Engineering. He is an inventor with creative engineering talents covering a wide range ... Read More »

Environmental Peace

Faculty Member’s Name Professor Biswajit (Bob) Ganguly and Professor Roger Hansell Course Code: *Title: Environmental Peace. *Format: Online and on campus *Hours: Upon agreement *Objectives: Environmental Peace is the condition of relaxation of the tensions of human behavior with ourselves and the Social, Economic, Biological and Physical Environments. This course deals with creative solutions to these tensions including Environmental Engineering ... Read More »