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Success on Purpose: 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence

Faculty Member’s Name:  MS. Gabriele L. Grach

Faculty Member’s Profile: Master’s Equivalent in the Performing Arts: Music, Dance and Theatre; Production, Direction, Teaching Training, Coaching, Set Building and Design, Costume Creation, Music Composition, Choreography and Performance. Several Post Graduate Business Designations at various Universities and Professional Learning Institutions in Canada and the US as Arbitrator, Mediator, Facilitator, Professional Trainer, Executive Coach and Effective Agent for Positive Change. (U of T, U of G, Sir Sanford Flemming via Harvard, Atheneum Learning Group, Australia, New Zealand. Friesen Kaye and Associates, Priority Management Systems Inc. ThinkTQ Inc. Boulder, Coloraado. Expert’s Academy, San Francisco USA. Total Coach NY, NY USA)

Course Code:

*Title:  Success on Purpose: 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence

*Format:  May be treated as a three day Intensive Professional Seminar 36 hours

May be a weekly course over twelve weeks at 3 hours each session with assignments to be completed before each new session. (Optional extension over 16 weeks at 2 hours each session)

May be taught as a webinar format over the Internet and/or as PowerPoint presentation.

*Hours: 36 hours


Strategic Objective: To help students discover their core values and to create clear visions aligned with those values. To help them create empowering roles, based on their skills, talents and experience, so that they can create life missions for themselves, and live a life of purpose, passion and authentic direction.

Tactical Objectives: To help students create a life based on Intentional Excellence vs. Intentional Mediocrity. To help them learn and develop skills in the Ten Performance Categories critical to success in the fields or businesses of choice and personal lives from a performance perspective.

These would include but are not limited to personal organization and self-management, goal setting, planning, prioritizing, synergizing to leverage results, organizing, optimization of time, and involved to their initiatives.

*Short Structural Outline: Week 1) Introduction, Outline and Course Expectations.

1) TQ TEST ~Performance Diagnostic and Overview of 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence. 2) Energy and all it’s components ~ Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual      3) The importance of clarity.  Clear core values, clear and inspiring visions, clear empowering roles, clear missions, authentic purpose, inherent direction 4) Review of homework exercises in 3) and discussion on attitude, beliefs, conviction and achievement. The development of learned optimism and self-efficacy 5 )The Miracle of a Goal ~Goal Setting 6) Making Plans ~Mapping future steps 7) The Importance of Prioritization 8) Creating Synergy~ Leveraging results with the help of others 9) Organize~ automate and conquer, self management 10) Optimizing Time, Energy and Results 11) Act Now ~Making it happen. TQ Test ~Performance Diagnostic, Student Q and A  12) Evaluating Results of the TQ TEST~Feedback about personal growth. TQ Master EXAM.~2 hours

*Textbooks and Reading List:

Success on Purpose by ER Haas and Kent Madson. (The Book and the Audio Version)

Weekly Student Materials, Exercises, Questionnaires and Reviews.

*Evaluation: The TQ TEST: Performance Diagnostic at the beginning and end of the term to evaluate progress. Weekly reading, written exercises, and review questionnaires. TQ Master EXAM.  Student Feedback Forms and Evaluation of the Instructor and Course.

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