Indigenous North American Life, Culture and Philosophy

SPI 196-IND106-ANT212 Indigenous North American Life, Culture and Philosophy.

This is a four week intensive course including two weeks living and working in traditional communities in Ontario Canada.

The aim of this course is to teach the history and culture of Nort American Indigenous Peoples and to develop understanding of the deep spirituality which governs every activity in the sustainable traditional life style: from making a traditional drum from the tree and the animal hide to playing and dancing in ceremony.: from smudging with cedar, sweet grass and sage to speaking from the heart in the traditional circle.

Instructors: Members of the Six Nations Haudenoshonee People and Members of the staff of the Thunder Mountain School of Lifelong Learning (Anishnabek). Lectures will be in facilities of the University of Toronto and in the Toronto Native American Cultural Center and Thunder Mountain School.

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