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Professor Marijo Readey

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Professor Marijo Readey obtained her PhD at the University of Toronto in the Department of Zoology. Her doctoral research involved an analysis of the Cell cycle in the Protozoon Tetrahymena. She studied both ultradian and infradian cycles (deviations from the 24 hour cycle structure}. She subsequently worked with Dr Kubitcseck at Argonne National Laboratories, Chicago Illinois, studying cell and whole body cycles. She currently works at North Western University, Illinois, USA.


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In ‘Evolution’ we will explore traditional and contemporary theories and hypotheses of the mechanisms of evolution.  The course will assume a basic understanding of the theory of natural selection and instead concentrate on post Darwinian concepts including kin selection, sexual selection, mathematical models, epigenetics, and gene transfers.  It will also explore the concepts in their historic context and how evolutionary biology has become an applied science.  It will also investigate the relationships between environments and selection pressures. The course will end with a discussion of cultural context and its impact on our perception of evolution.

*Short Structural Outline:

The class is arranged in approximately 16 units, most of which will consist of two separate presentations. One of these presentations will focus on the materials in your texts and expand upon it. The other presentation will focus on core topics, ideas, and concepts that are not adequately covered by the texts.


*Textbooks and Reading List:

Texts: Strickberg, Evolution (primary text)

Ridley, The Red Queen (covers the roles of sexual selection in evolution).

Gould, Sexual Selection

You will also be required to watch the following video before the end of the semester:

Film: Inherit the Wind (any version of the movie).  In the U.S. and in Canada, this film is available through many video stores and through various on line video-rental sites.



Grade will be based on Three Exams and one short paper.

Exam #1:   33% (100 pts)

Exam #2:   33%     (100 pts)

Cumulative Final (33%)   (100 pts)

Essay score for The Red Queen:  (50 pts) pts

 Five Online Quizzes  (50 pts)

Possible total score: 400 pts.

Basic Rules:

  1. Cheating will not be tolerated
  2. Plagiarism is not tolerated (see rule #1)
  3. Once you start taking an exam, you must finish it in a single session.
  4. No cell phones or head phones are allowed on or in the open during an exam.
  5. Exams start on time. No extra time will be allotted if you come in late.
  6. If you have a disability that requires special consideration, please bring a letter from the HELP office confirming the disability. I will work with you to make reasonable accommodations.
  7. This class focuses on the theories and mechanisms of evolution. It is not a forum to debate spiritual or philosophical objections to the concept. The semester is short enough; we do not have time to take this sidebar.


For further information on this or other courses taught by the faculty member please contact our student advisor at: studentadvisor@niuniversity.org

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