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Design International

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Angelique Mango

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BFA, MFA International designer

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Design International.



A full year course with a semester abroad/ based on a tri semester


The overall goal of this course is to provide students with professional experience in the real-time, real-world art and business of fashion design in the United States and India, with contacts in Asia and Europe as well.  To this end, students will have hands-on experience designing a collaborative collection, manufacturing it to completion, marketing it and selling it in a for-profit business that will kick-start their own careers and benefit Noble International University.  Such a collection would be an ongoing enterprise, introducing a collaborative line of clothing every year to be sold, perhaps, at the Noble International University bookstore or elsewhere under a label students and I will invent.

Eventually, we might envision local manufacture of such an ongoing collection, bringing the production jobs home from abroad by creating a manufacturing site in a now-unused building in downtown Syracuse and thus strengthening the bonds between the university and the local community.


*Short structural outline:


Each student will be responsible for their design from conception to completion.

If the fabric is block printed they will produce the fabric, likewise for screen printing.

The collection will be manufactured from start to finish by the student.

This is a comprehensive course teaching not only design but production and business.

The course will have a three-part structure, as detailed below:

  1. The fall semester on the Noble International University campus
  2. A four-week intersession in India
  • The spring semester on the Noble International University campus


During the fall semester

  • Upper-division students selected by me according to their demonstrated expertise and motivation will perfect their design techniques, including textile printing, draping and tailoring and create their own designs for a group collection.
  • We will select designs for production, choose a name for the collection, work out materials and costs, and begin strategizing about the collection’s intended market.
  • We will collaborate with faculty from the Noble International University School of Management in designing a business plan.
  • We might include one or two management students in the project, including the intersession in India, though their course credit would likely come from the Noble International University School of Management.
  • Simultaneously, students will learn the economics and infrastructure of the business of manufacturing abroad for U.S. and international markets.
  • Further, I will provide them a cultural background for the transnational professional work, as well as the broadening personal experience, that awaits them during the semester break.
  • Students will obtain all necessary visas and inoculations for India.


During the intersession

  • Students will travel to Delhi and Jaipur, India, with me for four weeks.
  • Residing in Jaipur (a world center of fashion manufacturing for clients ranging from mass markets to the highest-end fashion labels), students will initiate the manufacture of their designs by working in collaboration with my own manufacturer, Mr. Raju Kumar, at the Malani Durga Impex Factory.
  • They will select fabrics, implement their designs, and begin the production of their group collection under my supervision and that of Mr. Raju.
  • During their stay, students will lodge in a hotel I know well near the factory and take some of their meals together.
  • As an added bonus, we will visit Sanganeer, a city approximately 30 kilometers outside Jaipur known for its expert block printing, to observe the unique techniques of the Sanganeer masters.
  • Students will learn the international design and manufacturing aspects of the fashion business from the inside and will be in contact with people from all over the world who come to Jaipur to conduct their fashion manufacturing businesses.
  • (Please note: because the Malani Durga Impex Factory is also used by highest-end designers who necessarily place a premium on their labels’ privacy, students may not involve themselves with any aspect of such designers’ collections while at the factory; students will be required to sign a waiver stating that they will reveal nothing of what they notice there, should they notice anything, regarding such collections and labels.)


During the spring semester

  • Students will communicate with me for four weeks via a course website, as I will remain in Jaipur for that period to supervise the final manufacture of the collection.
  • Via internet, they will send me their evaluations of their work, their experience in Jaipur, and their ongoing strategies for the marketing and sales of the collection; thus they will create follow-up for each garment.
  • Upon my return, we will resume regular class meetings.
  • The garments for the entire collection will arrive.
  • Students will perform quality control.
  • Students will design and produce packaging and labeling.
  • Students will design marketing materials including press releases and set up the space for sales.
  • We will engage with students specializing in fashion design in the Goldring Arts Journalism Masters Program at the Newhouse School of Public Communication.
  • Students will select models and produce a fashion show to present their collection to the public.
  • Graduating students will perfect their resumes and engage in networking for job placement with their by-now vastly expanded personal networks.
  • Students will meet with prospective participants in the following year’s course to orient them.
  • I will select students to participate in the following year’s course.


*Textbooks and Reading List:

Because this class will be taught for a semester overseas I would like the students to have a grasp of culture in India and to be prepared for life abroad.

The reading material I will assign accordingly.




The collection will speak for itself as we intend on making profit from this adventure.

Teaching the students about marketing and success and targeting our market will be key in our evaluation.


For further information on this or other courses taught by the faculty member please contact our student advisor at:

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