NIEP-IIP and Canadabridge Program

Noble Institution for Environmental Peace and International Innovation Projects, Journal of Environmental Peace at the University of Toronto:

In partnership with Canadabridge Education Inc. and the Toronto Catholic District School Board presents the very first:

Canadian University Experience Program for International Students Weekend and After School Study

Gain Full Knowledge and Understanding of the University of Toronto

Guaranteed University Admission (terms and conditions apply)

Three Convenient Study Options

Sixteen Weeks of Instruction Includes:

  1. Weekly lecture in Canadian culture and society
  2. Weekly lecture by University of Toronto faculty member
  3. Weekly ENG4U preparatory class
  4. Weekly English language learning instruction for university bound students
  5. Weekly visit to Toronto cultural or learning institution
  6. Weekly English Corner
  7. Daily TOEFL / IELTS training
  8. Monthly one-to-one counseling session with University of Toronto faculty.

All lectures, classes and activities are 88 minutes in duration.

Heritage language support.

Classes begin September 8th, 2014

Total Cost: $8.888 Canadian

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