Air Purification for Modern Buildings

ENV 240h-ENG 240h   Air Purification for Modern Buildings

Synopsis of the project course to learn novel and classical methods of purifying air for buildings. Designed for students heading for engineering and for handyman environmentalists  who want to know how to do it for themselves this university course is ideal.

Instructors:Professors  Biswajit Bob Ganguly, Roger Hansell, Kimberley Crawford and Guest Lectures from Univrersity of Toronto.

Aim: To teach the principle and practice of buiding air purification. The course project is to  create a  living filter in the rooftop garden of the famous Carrot Commons in Toronto so that all the city air entering the building is purified as it passes  through the air conditioning system.  Lectures will be held in the University of Toronto  and will cover the Ecological, Toxicological and Engineering principles involved. In addition you will learn the principles and design of the Ganguly Room Air Purifier. A system designed to take out the one hundred anf thirtytrace chemicals in the home and office air.

On the week ends you will make field trips to sites such as Niagara Falls, The Royal Ontario Museum and the Ontario Science Centre. You will have a Dinner in the revolving Dining Room on top of the CN towe, one of the tallest free standing strucures in the world. You will observe the airpollutio problems of the city from the air above and dine on the finest Western cuisine.

Day to day you will experience meals from a fine Indian restaurant.

Evaluation is by a theory test 30 percent and a project competition 60 percent and verbal presentation 10 percent.

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