Design of Working Models of Portable Water Purification systems

214-Env224 Design of Working Models of Portable Water Purification systems


Synopsis of Project course in practical portable methods to purify water. Designed for students headed into Engineering and for hands on  environmentalists who want to do it for themselves this is great experience in Toronto Canada.


Duration 4 weeks.

Instructors:Professor  Biswajit Bob Ganguly and Lecturers from the University of Toronto.

Aim: This course of lectures and projects is designed to teach the priciples of water purification and to give hands on experience in building and testing portable water purification systems.


The theory from solar energy to practical engineering models and the ecology and toxicology of water systems will be examined in this context. Problems in water pollution will be examined at first hand from the magnificent Niagara Falls to the Great Lakes to the wells on the Six Nations Reserve. Lectures will be in Classrooms of the Universitty of Toronto. The course project is to to design and test a portable water purification  system.

Evaluation will be based on a test for 30 percent, Project  and report 60 percent and Verbal report 10 percent

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