Documentary Film Making, Production and Editing

Fine Arts 221- Film 201 Documentary Film Making, Production and Editing


Synopsis of course in Documentary film making in the exciting Fine Arts community of Toronto Canada. Taught by award winning international film makers, this is an exciting and practical introduction to the art.

Duration 4 weeks.

Instructors: Larisa and Leonid Alexeychuk and Guest Lecturer Professors from the University of Toronto and the National Film Board of Canada.

Aim: to provide a hands on understanding and practice in the processes of making Documentary Film.

This course provides an investigation into the changing environment and moving human image on documentary film. It introduces students to the creative methods used in the making of documentaries: Project development, the basis of storytelling, script analysis, visualization and sequencing and the art of editing techniques. The emphasis will be on practical hands on work.Evaluation will be based on work through the course and the final Film product.

Torontos fine arts community has been the destination of many fine film makers. Canadas National Film Board has offices here and it is also a favourite on location site for Hollywood

This course is taught by international prize winners and with guest lectures by University of Toronto Film Studies Professors and National Film Board professionals. Locations include the CN Tower and Niafara Falls.

Evaluation is based on accomplishmentof a finished mini-film.

There will be a fee for materials

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