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Foundations of Management – A North American International Perspective

Faculty Member’s Name:

Professor Philip Eng, MBA

Professor Heather Stevens, MSc


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Foundations of Management – A North American International Perspective.


This online course will utilize both synchronous and asynchronous delivery platforms. Learning will include a combination of online lectures, discussions, individual and group case studies as well as a major team research project.




This foundation course explores new management ideas with a focus on environmental studies. It integrates traditional and contemporary management principles with recent management concepts and research. Objectives of this course are for the student to grasp

1) Conceptual and practical frameworks which form the foundation of the practice of management;

2) The organizational processes and structures of modern business including the environments in which they operate;

3) Managerial functions which include planning, goal setting, strategy formulation, decision-making processes and controlling;

4) Concepts of leadership and organizational behavior.


*Short Structural Outline:

This course provides students with an engaging perspective of the principal skills and activities of management in North America, with a focus on Canadian businesses and environmental studies.  Using relevant examples from small and medium-sized organizations, students will connect and integrate business practices with classic and contemporary principles.


Different aspects of management principles are covered, including

  • Changing Environment of Management
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Leading
  • Controlling


*Textbooks and Reading List:

Required: Daft, Marcic, Bradford, Stevens. Understanding Management, 1st Canadian Edition. Nelson Education Ltd. 2009 (Included in the cost of this course)

Required: Supplementary readings as assigned




*Cost: Available upon request

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